Policies & Procedures

Dear Parents:
The following is a list of policies and procedures for Hugs and Kisses Child Care. These policies and procedures are provided for the benefit of all concerned, and to aid in better understanding and communication between you, the parent, and your child’s care giver. Most important, they will help protect your child and give them a more secure feeling, and minimize their fears while away from you. It is our goal to provide a warm loving home environment that your child feels comfortable in. We do not provide transportation all activities are in the home. With your cooperation it will enable us to do this better. Please keep in mind that many of these regs have been updated do to 2010 Colorado State requirements. All children must be signed in and out EVERYDAY!! (SORRY GUYS)
Child Care Admission Policy: All child care available requires an interview with the parents or guardians. The child/children must be present at the interview. All child care forms returned within seven days of enrollment. However child’s immunizations must be submitted before or on the date that the child enrolls. Child will not be allowed in daycare until the immunization record is submitted. You will be asked to return home or to your doctor and get the record .
Trial Period: To assure that the child care arrangements is a good match for the child and the provider there will be a two week trial period. Within this period either the family or the provider may terminate child care for any reason without notice. If the arrangements don’t seem to match for your family, we will help you in anyway we can to help you find care that meets your family’s needs.
Full Time Care: Full time care is considered 5 days a week for more than 5 hours per day. Children are to be dropped off and picked up within their individually contracted times each day.  
Part Time Care: Part time care is considered 1 to 4 days a week with designated minimum number of hours or days per week.
Drop In Care: Child care available to families not under current contract. Hours are as needed pending availability. Twenty-four hour notice required to check for availability. Admission policy requirements still apply.

Registration Fee due at enrollment and annually $50/yr/child
Full Time rates up to 50 hours/week/child $160 0-12 months
  $160 1-2 walking
  $150 2-6 yrs


Part Time Hourly rate per child $ 8 hour
(less than 5hrs per day with a minimum number of 20 contracted hrs per week)  
 Part Time Daily rate per child $40 day infant
  $40 day toddlers
  $35 day preschoolers
(more than 5hrs per day with a minimum number of 2 contracted days per wk)  

Absence: Parents promise to notify Hugs and Kisses ASAP!! Even if it is the night before and you know your child is sick and might be the next day. To much communication is okay!! (PLEASE keep in mind that our illness policy is very strict about not accepting sick children. If you mask the symptoms with medication and send your child to daycare your contract will be terminated.) The parent is responsible for payment of contracted time regardless if the child attends or not.
Alternate Care: Alternate care is the responsibility of the parents when the contracted child care center is closed for notified holidays, continuing education. It is very important to find alternate care before it is needed.
Substitute Care: Substitute child care is the responsibility of the provider on a regularly scheduled contracted child care day. You will be notified. On occasion for volunteer work, we might have a grandparent volunteer for “rock a baby time” or to read some stories. We encourage a few visitors from time to time so the young toddlers learn not to be so fearful. We carefully screen all who will be visiting. On occasion one of the local pastors will join us for activities with the children.
Tuition Policy and Fees: All child care tuition and fees are to be paid in advance. Tuition can be paid by personal check from a local bank. Out of state checks will not be accepted. This schedule will be part of each individual contract. Payment is always due in advance on their first day of your contracted day. There will be a $10.00 per day late fee for any payment received after this time. The late fee may be waived if a child is unexpectedly ill and not able to attend child care. If a child is going n vacation, tuition will be due the week prior to the start of vacation. The director will go over this with you on your financial agreement policy.
Contract renewal: Contracts will be renewed annually. Renewal registration fees will be due when the contracts are returned.
Returned Checks: There will be a $35.00 cash fee for any returned check, plus the check amount in cash. Parents will be charged for all fees incurred by provider as the result of the returned check. Parents will be placed on a cash only basis once this situation arises.
   Overtime fees will be charged at the rate of $1 minute for parents who do no consistently pick up their child on time. I close at 5:30 and on certain days I MUST LEAVE at 5:30 also. I will charge for time after 5:30 as I also have family obligations and children to pick up. If parent or emergency contacts cannot be reached I will have to contact authorities. Children will be fed and have activities until they are picked up.
What do my fees pay for?
 What you pay will buy quality childcare, nutritious meals and a nurturing environment for your child. Also Hugs and Kisses Daycare specializes in the care of infants and toddlers. Your fees pay for training, food, toys, equipment, supplies and all of the other things that your child will use.
Drop off: All children need to be dropped off at their individually contracted times. ABSOLUTLY NO DROP OFFS DURING NAP TIME!!!
Pick up:    Children will be picked up before the daycare is closed. If they are not, all appropriate individuals will be notified. A fee of $1 per minute will e added to your bill and this must be paid before your child can attend daycare again. If a parent should arrive intoxicated I will only release the child to people on the pick up list, or I will contact someone from the list myself. I will not release a child to a person who is not previously authorized while that parent is under the influence. If in the future the parent would like to add someone to the pick up list I will need it ahead of time. If this should happen a conference with myself and the parents(both) will be in order before returning to this program.
Holidays: Hugs and Kisses will be closed on all provider observed legal and religious holidays. Parents will receive a holiday calendar for the planning of alternate care. Parents are responsible for alternate care on all observed legal and religious holidays. No reduction in fees will be made on these days these are paid holidays.
Second Hand Smoke: Hugs & Kisses Daycare is a Non-smoking facility. Please be sure to put your cigarettes out before entering the premises, including play ground area.

Sick care, Antibiotics, and Medications:
  Please refer to the Illness Policy. We are very strict about bringing sick children into the daycare center. So please read. All medications will be stored administered and recorded, and disposed of in compliance with the state department approved medication administration course.
Prescriptions: Please refer to the prescription medication release form.
Immunizations: Children may not return to the child care for at least twelve (12) hours after receiving immunizations or boosters. Parents are responsible for supplying provider with a written statement from the doctor regarding current immunization records._________ Children who are not immunized ARE allowed in this program. If an out break of an immunized infection occurs that child cannot come to daycare.
Yearly physicals: Colorado Department of health and Colorado Department of Human Services requires all children in child care to have annual physicals until the age of eight (8). Infants however are required to have an updated health form at every well check until they are two years old, and then yearly afterwards. If you have any questions about this you can ask me or your doctor who is also aware of these requirements.  We will provide you with a “Health History” form to be completed by your child’s physician and returned. Please keep in mind we must follow strict guidelines regarding this matter and am required to refuse admission to any child who does not have a current “Health History” and Certificates of Immunization on file.
           Breakfast will be offered to any child that wants it. We realize we all have different schedules and some mornings are more hectic than others. However unfortunately we are not a restaurant. Breakfast starts at 8:30am-9:00am if your child arrives between those times they will be offered breakfast. If they come after that time they will be expected to have been fed already.
          Lunch will be offered to everyone starting around 11:30. Some children eat at different times especially toddlers who don’t understand time or care about it. When they are hungry we will feed them. Lunch can start at 11:30 and will be offered until 12:00. Times may vary depending on the daily activities and the demands of the children. If you are worried you will miss lunch please call and check. Otherwise you will be expected to have your child fed if you are dropping off. Remember not under any circumstances are there to be drop offs if children are sleeping. Afternoon snack is for whomever is hungry after getting up from their afternoon rest.
          We participate in a federally funded Food Program. This allows us to provide federally guided nutritious meals to each child on a daily basis. We will be giving your child a well-balanced, healthy diet and request that you send no extra snacks, unless arrangements have been make for a special event or birthday party. Menus are given upon request or are posted on the bulletin board. Candy and gum are NOT allowed at Hugs and Kisses Daycare. Your child will never be forced to eat, if they don’t like what is on the menu, they aren’t that hungry, and can wait until the next meal or snack. If your child requires a special diet the parents will have to provide it. However it must be ready to be served and not require heating. Also please be sure you have a cooler because my refrigerator can’t always fit a lunch box. On occasion a pastor may come participate in lunch and offer a prayer for the children. SIPPIES NOR BOTTLES ARE ALLOWED TO BE CARRIED AROUND THE DAYCARE.
Breast fed babies: Provider is supportive of mothers’ who are breast feeding their infants. Child care providers must follow specific guidelines when working with Breast Milk. Breast Milk is a body fluid. Provider requires Breast Milk to be supplied in marked bottles. Provider will discuss these rules individually with each breast feeding mother. Mother’s milk bags will be accepted only if frozen, dated and marked. Breast Milk must be provided in appropriate bottles on a daily basis. All bottles used in the child care day will be returned to the parent to clean and sanitize on a daily basis. A minimum of eight (8) ounces of Breast Milk must be provided to the provider to be stored in the freezer as a back up supply or a supply of formula. Back up supply must be replaced at the beginning of the next child care day
Infant schedules:   Infants MUST be able to take a bottle or sippy when attending. As we encourage breast feeding we also must have a way to feed the infant when the mother is not present. Often times the mother will try and schedule her feeding with the child. However in past experiences the infant gets too distraught that their needs aren’t being met while the mother is trying to return to the daycare for the feeding, and it has an extreme effect on other infants and staff in the daycare. We will attempt to respect and follow newborn infant feeding schedules requested by the parents if at all possible. Infants on bottles only will be fed when hungry. A hungry infant must not be forced to wait an unreasonable time to eat. This is critically important to their brain development. No infant who is hungry will ever be forced to wait to eat because of a requested feeding schedule. Infants on solid foods will eat with the other children at meal times.
          Transitioning from bottle to sippy depends on each individual child. Transitioning to a cup is usually done with water and is communicated with parents/guardian in order to stay consistent.
Special Dietary Needs: Are for children with food allergies only. If your child cannot eat the food I server thru the FDA food program then maybe another program would be suitable. It is too hard for me to try and prepare several different meals for different children when I’m trying to teach them to sit together, manners etc. When a child brings their own food it is often filled with sugar and the other children do not understand why they cannot have that food. So to eliminate this I have decided that all children are going to be on the food program unless they have a food allergy which I would also want a doctors note, stating exactly what type of allergy it is and the severity of it if that child should come in contact with it. Children with allergies can bring their own healthy snacks and meals as long as it is already prepared.
Outside food: Absolutely no outside food may be brought into the child care without prior consent from the provider. Please remember that other children in attendance may suffer from serious food allergies. All food and drinks must be consumed and disposed of before arriving at Hugs and Kisses Daycare. This is your responsibility to see to this. If your child has snacks in the car it is your responsibility to not bring them into the center. Daycare staff do not have to take outside food away from the children. Parents will be asked to take their child back outdoors and remove the food before entering into the center.
Diapering: Only disposable diapers are used at Hugs & Kisses Daycare. Parents are welcome to bring a pack of diapers and wipes and I will notify you when I’m getting low. Diapers will be changed every 2 hours or more often as needed.
Outside: We try to all go outside everyday. However do to the very apparent weather conditions here it will depend on if we go out or not. Do to high wind conditions and dramatic temperature changes we sometimes will do a special physical activity indoors instead. Infants are kept in the shade and are bundled up for the cold.
Holiday parties: We will also celebrate Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and Easter. Parents are encouraged to supply special treats for our holiday parties.
Christian Based: This is a Christian based daycare we do read bible stories which are apart of our curriculum. We also say grace before meals. If this is something you don’t want your child to participate in, please let me know.
Dress Code: Parents promise to have their child dressed appropriately when brought to daycare. This will include appropriate accessories such as boots, coats, hats, and mittens. Each child must have a complete change of clothing (underwear, socks, and outerwear) for emergencies and change in weather, at all times. Thongs and slippery-soled shoes are not allowed. Our daily schedule includes regular playground activity. Tennis shoes provide the best and safest traction for a young child when running, climbing, etc. Socks are required at all times. Infants and toddlers are expected to arrive in a fresh diaper. Parents are to supply diapers and wipes. Please keep in mind that the children will get dirty. Learning to feed themselves and a lot of the stimulating activities we have in our curriculum often times makes the children dirty. We however do our best to wear bibs and smocks. Please dress your children in play clothes we all might get messy!! That’s okay because it fun!!
Appointments: Please notify the provider twenty-four (24) hours in advance of all medical, dental or miscellaneous appointments.  This enables the provider to keep track of your child when there is a deviation from the contracted schedule. Children cannot return to daycare after receiving shots!!
Toilet Training: If your child is ready for potty training I will begin the training procedure, please discuss it with me so we can be consistent in helping your child.
Toys and Other objects from Home: Please do not send toys with your child. They have a tendency to get broken and cause conflict with the other children. The exceptions are a soft toy or a blanket for naptime only.
Daycare toys and equipment will be reviewed monthly for recalls and safety issues. If they are recalled they will be removed from the daycare or returned.
Naptime: Naptime is required of all children in child care who are in attendance for 4 hours or more. The child may bring a soft toy, pillow and /or blanket for naptime only. The child will be provided with an individual resting place. Often times children have a difficult time resting in a room with other children. We will allow a transition period for children.   If a child is so disruptive that it is enabling the other children to sleep (which they deserve to have and need) the parents will be notified to come pick up the child. They will be able to return once all the children are awake. Children do not HAVE to sleep. If they can stay on their mats and rest quietly and read that would also be sufficient. This requires a lot of support from the families to work with the providers. It is important that parents understand that all children need to rest and it isn’t fair to deprive other children from their much needed rest time. Every child will have their own mat or pack and play which is disinfected after every use. Update: Children cannot be given a bottle or sippy while laying down. This means that no bottles or sippies for naptime at any age. This is a very difficult transition for your child so please don’t make me be the one to do it alone. Please work on this at home also. They can still have them just not laying down to put themselves to sleep.
Television: Any movies involved will be communicated with the families ahead of time. Some curriculum activities might have a video to go along with it. Update: music is now also considered media. If you do not want your child listening to music then my program is not for your family. Music is a very large part of our curriculum and activities, it would be impossible to single out one child to not take part.
Substitute Pickups: Your child will NOT be released to ANYONE, known or unknown to staff unless you have given us a written authorization in advance. Please understand that this is the PARENT’S responsibility to communicate with the provider. If anyone other than the parent tries to pick up your child, we will not release him or her under any circumstance unless we have that advance written authorization. We will request a photo ID when a child is to be picked up by someone other than the parent. Parents are still responsible for any overtime fees if the authorized substitute is late in picking up your child or the provider does not release the child due to provider’s discretion.
Restraining orders: In the event of a court order restraining one parent or guardian from a child, the Provider must have a legal copy of the restraining order and a written note from the custodial parent. Without these items on file the Provider cannot prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up the child.
Provider Legal Requirements: Colorado State Law 26-6-102.C.R.S. 1973
Requires Licensed Child Care Providers to report any evidence or knowledge of suspected child abuse or neglect to their County Department of Social Service.
Discipline: Any form of physical correction is clearly prohibited by Law and the Day Care Provider. Please see guidance policy.
Special Needs: Hugs & Kisses Daycare will do their very best to accommodate the needs of children with special needs in compliance with the ADA
Provider Termination of Services:
          When the provider determines that it is in the best interest of a child to terminate the child care, the provider will provide the parents with a written 30 day notice and a final statement of monies due. Provider will also supply parents with resources for child care referrals. Such as EVICS at 970-586-3055

          In the event that the provider decides to terminate the child care relationship due to repeated contract violations, by the parent or legal guardian, the provider reserves the legal right to terminate the child care relationship without notice. To avoid the unfortunate situation from occurring, parents and legal guardians are required to thoroughly read the entire child care contract. Parents and legal guardians are required to ask for a detailed explanation of any child care rules and regulations they do not clearly understand prior to enrolling the child in the child care.
Parents Termination of Services: When a parent chooses to terminate child care for any reason, the parent will be required to submit in writing and provide at least a two week notice. The full tuition amount for the following days will be due at the time of the written notice. The provider will calculate the balance due according to contract. Please refer to the Termination Policy.
Vacation and free days: After 6 months of enrollment and after a parent teacher conference, families will be allowed a designated number of free days a year. For example if your child only attends for three days a week, that’s how many free days you can take a year. These could be used for sick days or vacations. Once your free days are used you will be allowed one ½ week with a 30 day notice if you are full time. If a notice is not given within 30 days the ½ week will not apply. These free days are only good for one year they do not roll over to the next year. Free days CANNOT BE USED during paid holidays.
Required Forms: All required forms must be filled out and returned to Hugs and Kisses, a minimum of 24 hours prior to the first day your child starts.
Certain rules have been established for Hugs and Kisses Daycare which are essential to the safety and smooth functioning of this facility. These rules are taught to the children and need to be reinforced by the parents. Rules still apply even if parents are present . Your children will not be allowed to do the following at Hugs and Kisses Daycare whether you are present or not. House rules are to be followed as long as they are at the center.
No running “Walking feet”
No climbing, standing on or jumping off the furniture
No gum chewing at any time
No offensive language or hurtful name calling
No hitting, biting, pinching, punching, pulling hair or spitting

Respect for each other will be taught and adhered to at all times while at Hugs and Kisses Daycare.
However on the occasion that your child is out of control and staff are unable to discipline them, you will be asked to come get your child. I will work with the parents on this. However after three “sent homes” your child will be given a 30 day notice for termination. (Once again this mainly applies to the older children, not to the infant and toddlers)
It is our desire to provide your child with the best possible care while they are away from you. Should you have any questions or problems regarding the type of care they are receiving, please feel free to discuss them with your child’s care giver or the Director openly. I want us all to be happy, and close communication with the parents and providers are very important.
Drop in visits are welcome. Stop by at anytime to do a check up if you have any concerns or you just might be missing your child. Please keep in mind this might also confuse them when you leave without them, if they are suffering from separation anxiety.  We love visitors no matter what. Please be sure to sign in as a visitor if that is what you are doing. All visitors have to sign in now.  We will have a sign on the door if it is nap time, visits during naptime can be disruptive for all the children. Please talk to the provider before hand. Volunteering is also another great way to get acquainted with your child’s friends and staff.
If you would like to obtain the Colorado Rules and Regulation for Family Child Care Homes you can read them at http://www.cdhs.state.co.us/childcare/Licensing_home.htm at this site it gives you information on how to review a daycare facility or how to file a complaint. Their address and 1-800 number is also posted on the wall.

Division of Child Care
Colorado Department of Human Services
1575 Sherman St., 1st Floor
Denver, CO 80203-1714
(303) 866-5958  or 1-800-799-5876                    
I/We,___________________________have thoroughly read and do understand the policy statement. WE hereby agree to respect and abide by the policy statements of Hugs and Kisses Child Care.
I/We,_____________________________agree to be responsible for and pay all attorneys fees, court costs and other related costs necessary to enforce the provisions of this contract as a whole.
My/Our signatures below confirms that I/we hereby agree to abide by the child care contract in its entirety, including each and every policy, guideline, and release that they have been explained to my/our complete satisfaction.
Name of Child                                                       Childs Date of Birth
_________________                                 ______________
Mothers/Guardian Signature                              Date
____________                                           _______________
Fathers/Guardian Signature                               Date
______________                                       _______________
Providers Signature                                            Date
Sickness Policy

Hugs and Kiss Daycare care operates a “WELL CHILD” daycare facility. DO NOT bring your child to childcare when she is ill or you are suspicious they are becoming ill. Staff will not admit children who are ill and possibly contagious. Admission is at the discretion of the caregiver, not the parents._________
If your child is sent home due to illness or possibly contagious symptoms, they will not be allowed to return the following day.  If they have a fever, they are not to return for 24 hours after their fever has broke.  If a child is ill, they will be cared for in an isolated room away from the rest of the group to minimize the chances of spreading illness. A parent will be notified of their child’s illness and will be required to make arrangements for the child to be picked up with in a half hour of notification by an authorized person.________
If you are unreachable, or cannot come within a half hour, you will be charged $10.00 for every fifteen minutes until you are reachable and/or arrive for your sick child. I do not assume or accept responsibility for any sick child. Please keep in mind that “well” children are demanding and sick children are even more so. Please be fair to your child, to staff and other children enrolled.__________
State law prohibits the Child Care Provider from giving a medication without the approval of the child’s doctor (See “over counter Medication Form” or acquire a “Prescription Meds Release Form”)

    * Fever of any kind______
    * Vomiting _______
    * Diarrhea (more than twice)_______
    * Lethargy (preventing child from participation in all regular activities
    * Rash (unexplained and/or with fever or behavior change)
    * Purulent eye drainage
    * Blood or mucous in diarrhea or stool
    * Mouth Sores with Drooling
    * Impetigo (a contagious skin disease, until 24-48 hours after treatment begins)
    * Strep throat (until 24 hrs after treatment begins and no fever for 24 hours without suppressant)
    * Strep throat with rash (until 48 hours after treatment begins)
    * COMMON COLD (when accompanied by inability to participate in all regular activities, persistent crying, difficulty breathing, extreme irritability, continuous drainage, or green or yellow drainage from nose, fever)_________
    * Ear infection (when accompanied by inability to participate in all regular activities, persistent cry, or any fever)__________
    * Child complaining that something hurts
    * Teething (extreme irritability, and/or persistent crying, fever)_______

Please understand with this age group, many of them cannot tell you what is wrong or what is hurting or that they don’t feel good. That is why if a symptom is noticed parents will be notified. It is our goal at Hugs and Kisses to keep all children safe and healthy and that also means not exposing them to undue illnesses. We also understand that this can become a hardship on families however it is the parent’s responsibility to make arrangements if alternate care is needed for a sick child. All sent home children will have a document noted in their files. In some incidences staff may ask that the child not return back to daycare until they have a doctor’s note stating that they are not contagious and can return to daycare._________
I/We agree to respect and abide by the illness policy of Hugs and Kisses Daycare.
________________________                                    _______________________
Mother                                                                         Date
________________________                                    ________________________
Father                                                                          Date
Document requires initials of both the Director and the parents in order to assure that all is communicated and understood clearly.
Termination Policy
I/We understand that a two week notice is required prior to terminating the child care contract._________
I/We understand that the Provider will give as much notice as possible if child care can no longer be provided for our child.______
I/We understand that if a two week notice is not given that I/we are still responsible to pay all fees_________
I/We understand that fees are due for the remainder two weeks at the time of notification_________
I/We are responsible to pay any and all fees including but not limited to collection agency fees, attorney fees, and court costs associated in collecting any unpaid childcare fees.
I have read and agree to the Termination Policy of the child care home.
Mothers signature
Permission for Photographs and video
I give Hugs and Kisses Daycare permission to photograph my child for class projects, observation projects and advertisements to be viewed on the centers web site and local newspaper. If web cams are available I realize that my child will be video taped through out the day for me to observe online.
If you have concerns regarding any of the above. Please talk let us know.
Permission for Media
On occasion we do watch television programs or movies pertaining to the curriculum. If you do not want your child to participate DO NOT SIGN.     Or if you have certain things you do NOT want your child to watch please sign and list what is NOT to be viewed. Also music is considered “media”, in this program children’s music is implemented into almost all parts of the curriculum. If you do not want your child listening to music, this program is not for you.
Parent/guardian signature