Guidance Plan at Hugs and Kisses Daycare

    All children go through different stages and all children are unique.  Children are always testing their boundaries so it is very important to stay consistent while encouraging children’s behavior.

     As every child is different, a provider and parent must communicate if there are concerns with a child’s behavior.    Guidance requires a partnership with the parents. Depending on the age of the child, we first start with redirecting the child or children.  We try to give a lot of positive attention for behaviors that are positive.  Rather than giving attention to children for behavior that are negative.  Often times children will act out because they get the attention that they are seeking, whether it is positive or negative.  When dealing with younger children, they do not understand “rules” so redirecting is often the best solution. 

     After the redirect approach we try and guide a child into behavior that is acceptable and explain the out comes of their actions.  Help the children learn to take responsibility for their behavior.  Most importantly always let the child know that you love them but sometimes you don’t like their behavior.  Always let the child know you understand.  Sometimes when a child is angry they have a hard time communicating to you what is wrong.  Let them know “Tommy, I see that you are very angry, lets talk about what made you feel this way.” 

     In order to help guide a child toward positive behavior they will be given freedom to make mistakes and experience disagreements, but also the opportunity to resolve these difficulties.  Helping encourage a child to handle their emotions and emotions of other children will help to build their emotional intelligence and provide them with the ability be socially and emotionally developed for years to come.

    Often times if a behavior is a concern the teacher will call the parents for a meeting to try and figure out a more direct approach.  They will then keep in close communication with how the child is progressing.  If the child is very abusive and all avenues have be attempted the parents will be called to come pick up the child.  It is not fair to the other children to have a teacher’s attention have to be 100% on another child because they are abusive to the other children and all other approaches have been attempted. 

    If working with the parents and staying consistent with the child still does not help their mistaken behavior there is a possibility the child will be asked to not attend.  This may seem extremely harsh, however I have responsibilities to other children and families, to provide the safest environment possible.